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By Ralph Rewes

It is upsetting to hear so many "why's" on TV after the horrendous crime committed against humanity in New York. I was horrified, yet not surprised. I was mad, too, because all this suffering could have been prevented. However, that the "alleged" perpetrators could do things like this was no surprise.

They think the solution for everything is blasting things out of existence. Only weeks ago the Talibans found justification in their backward interpretation of their religion to destroy beautiful art creations by blowing to pieces the gigantic Buddhas — a treasure of humanity — in Afghanistan. That the towers were full of people? A mere technicality, infidels.

They don't care; they live in a word of fantasies. In a plain, vulgar language: Be a total jerk on earth, then after you die you can enjoy everything that is now forbidden, from whores to booze. Please how marooned can you get!

The era of terrorism did not start with fundamentalist Arabs or the Arabicized Persians. It started much earlier, at the beginning of the last century when a totalitarianistic fad began to bear out monsters like Nazism, Fascism, and Communism.

Fundamentalism (a black and white comic strip belief) took momentum among Christians, Communists and Islamic ignorant masses. Fundamentalism was the latest and most brutal form of Totalitarianism.

Fundamentalism forces their victims into submission before their "cadre" or "spiritual" leader (there are many similarities between Communist Fundamentalism and religious Fundamentalism). Both terrify the minds of the believers with horrific images, one of a real jail and torture threats and the other with a sadistic god sending people to the flames of hell for a whole eternity.

How perverted this is? If you think your god is capable of such atrocity, we all are in bad shape. The worst human being on this earth, I don't think could inflict such cruelty to anything, we are talking eternity here!). That is their conception of a god.

Fundamentalists are hate mongers. In this hate mongering belief lies the seed of all evil. They do not fully realize the destructive and inhuman behavior they provoke in weak minds.

And there is an interchangeable, despicable trade of behavior between fanaticism on both sides of the spectrum between religious Fundamentalists and Communist Fundamentalism.

But we don't need a long treatise on the immorality of morality to realize who have been directly or indirectly responsible for the structural background who lead to the bombing of the twin towers.

What we need is a quick outlook of the whole that bore this tragedy and why our government has its hands tied in a very peculiar way.

Terrorism was revived with Castro, whose phony New York Times version of a Robin Hood, confused thousands in the world giving the wrong impression of what was really going on in the island.

Castro used a horrible wave of terror, bombs, murders, burning of buildings and busses, kidnapping, assassination not only of lead military figures, but of innocent soldiers (that is how he started, by assaulting a military hospital the 26th of July and cold bloodly murdering wounded soldiers). Any Cuban older than 60 remembers the long blackouts (those who live in Cuba still suffer them) results of terrorist acts. That era of terrorism killed a .004 percent of Cuba's 6 millions inhabitants.

That was how Castro became a for live absolute dictator. Not by pitching flowers, as the Hippies thought he did.

But the International Left carefully omits those facts to emphasize the alleged atrocities of the previous regime. In fact, it was the International Left, including their acolytes in the USA who helped prepared the frame to tie the hands of the US Secret Services.

Cuba started a thorough international campaign against the Intelligence agencies of the USA, the CIA, the FBI, etc. The Leftist press in the Latin American and in the USA parroted this campaign.

Infiltrated reds in the movie and TV industries distilled venom by the ton, yet one phrase here one word there until there was perfect scenario to make premeditated political demands.

I am inclined to believe that the whole set up of the so called Watergate scandal was nothing but a frame naive politicians fell for. Watergate has all the mechanics of a Communist plot. No one has really come up with an in-depth analysis, afraid of the all powerful Communist force hidden in the guise of Liberals (and believe me, Liberals the are not). Out of Watergate, American Leftists gained a lot, specially shielding from FBI in-depth investigations hiding behind freedom of expression (only for them) justifications. From Watergate on, they were free to do whatever they wanted to with not fear of being even investigated.

A huge group of Leftists jumped on the political wagon. The CIA and FBI were tied with pseudo moralistic rules. Today, the USA government even when the National Security is at stake can go on with the assassination of a foreign dictator, no matter how bestial he may be, because it is, thanks to the Left, illegal to do so.

In fact, this change in the law to stop assassination attempts was made to protect not only Castro but also the incipient dictators in Latin American American internal traitors saw popping up, like Allende, Ortega, etc.

This restrain not only protects foreign Tyrants, but also works against the National Security of our Nation. The assassination morality is not only pure bullshit but it is also criminal and inhuman.

It made mass murdering of hundreds of thousands of young soldiers in Iraq legal, while leaving the dictator in charge. That was moral?

Such action created hate against the USA. How? Just multiply the victims by the numbers of fathers, mothers and brothers of all victims and you will have an idea. The assassination of the leader would have had the people praising their liberators. The Left was happy.

The Demoralization and Incompetence of the Carter's administration gave the USA vulnerability when the Iranians kept American hostages for days and the country could not do anything.

Now these obscure forces are working again, pulling out of the closet the illegality of us going for the head of Bin Laden.

Our country needs to look back and carefully study who were behind every one of these moves.

We will find familiar faces.

There are people in our government whose main concern is the welfare of Castro or the business with terrorist countries.

We have a José Serrano with constant visits to a man whose mind is so perverse that who would have been happy to see the USA bombed by the Russian, and who systematically votes against any bill or law that would benefit the USA or its military power.

We have a Jesse Jackson who a couple of weeks ago was kissing up in Africa with the worst elements of this world and talking about his own country in a obnoxious display of demagoguery.

We have the Waters, and the Rangels, etc.

All these people share direct and indirect responsibility with terror, because they walk hand in hand with terrorists.

Castro's agents roam the country free, they attack the InterNet constantly deleting postings they consider subversive, infiltrate important nets, like AOL with total impunity, because the security forces in our country are supposed to go "by the book," the problem is that this book was re-written by Leftists to make our country vulnerable.

The clipping of teeth of our Intelligence Agencies must be stopped and the clippers must be put under surveillance to find out for sure whom they are serving.

The clipping of the enforcement infiltrated immigration (remember the Cuban agent caught in Miami?) to allow the entry into our country of the worst enemies, like the seldom mentioned Allende Chilean who have been taking position in the media everywhere.

Immigration in the hands of the enemy is one of the most dangerous situation we can allow.

It was proven right now, how easily some anti-Americans can filter through the system while some other people who want to come here not to change anything but to live the American way are denied entrance.

No Anti-American should be allowed in this country. It is dangerous, it is not fair to those who would like to come here to work, and live in peace.

In Spanish there is a saying that reads: "Whey you see the fences of your neighbor on fire, better water down yours!"

As long as terrorism was not in our patio, we looked indifferent to terrorism in other countries. We must make this fight against terrorism universal, that is, we have to help other countries that are victims of terrorism to fight it off.

There is Colombia, consumed by, terrorist guerrillas. There is Spain, constantly in terror by ETA terrorists who find heaven in Cuba.

In fact, when Latin American governments haunted by bombs after the Castro era, guerrillas, etc. that spilled blood by the tons, decided to take action, this irresponsible American Left took side with the terrorists, calling them "victims."

We looked the other way.

There are hundreds of writers, actors, even comedians, in the USA that staged lies that favored the Communists.

I enjoyed it when at least one of them is exposed.

I enjoyed Donahue's surprise when interviewing one of Gorbachov's advisors and Donahue was blabblering the usual bullshit propaganda of the benefits of medicine and education in the defunct USSR.

"You do not know what your are talking about. You just believe the propaganda our government feeds you. We have a horrible system, not even sheets for hospital beds!"

The New York Times and the Washington Post among other are morally responsible for creating a structure of false beliefs, for censoring out any news from Cuba or Colombia that could affect the image of the State and Guerrilla terrorists.

Not Only the Arabs. Recent events must be thoroughly investigated, especially the peripatetic endeavors of Castro through terrorist countries and his unusual, strange visit with a large entourage to the Petronas towers (structurally similar to the WTC towers) between terrorist countries.

I only hope the traitors who live in this country realize soon, that they went too far defending lost causes, and they, too, live here, specially those in New York. By now they should know who their friends are.



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