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by George Morgan

Independent U.S. Journalist, for the WASHINGTON INQUIRER.

HOMESTEAD, FL. May 8. – According to at least one member of Congress, even as the reader is perusing this, U.S. Commander-in-Chief W.J. Clinton is allowing foreign agents from Cuba to brainwash six-year-old Elian Gonzalez on a luxurious government estate in Maryland not very far from the White House. The accuser is U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida, who spoke briefly with the media.

Meanwhile, apparently fearful that allowing the news media to have access to the boy would enable the world to know more about the boy’s health, the Commander has assigned U.S. agents to protect the Cuban agents with the boy from being identified or questioned. What’s possibly worse, the U.S. Congress is doing little about the matter.

A retired clinical psychologist living in Miami asks, “Does the case of Elian Gonzalez “finds the first instance when a foreign dictator, Fidel Castro of Cuba, wages psychological warfare through the U.S. government’s president against a North American family?”

The psychologist, formerly licensed in Washington, DC, declines to give her name. She said that when she saw the police-state tactics being used by the Clinton administration in seizing Elian, she asked herself, “What is the crime of that child? Why should he be subjected to such a horrible punishment ? Why torture him in that way? The child was in a state of anguished terror. It was a terribly abusive action.”

Calling herself Dr. X, she says she dares discuss the case publicly because a government-sponsored physician discussed his findings recently after an examination of Elian. Dr. X said she had a chance to observe much television footage showing the boy happily playing with his relatives and surrogate mother. She also has read statements from psychiatrists and other health professionals who side with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro regarding the boy. Those professionals also may have seen him on television but some did not talk or interact with him.

She said it will make little difference that the administration has selected a social worker and a psychiatrist to attend Elian at the palatial estate where he is kept isolated from the media and the public.

One of the other professionals, however, apparently a psychiatrist, did some testing on the boy in Maryland and told the media that Elian “tired easily.” Dr. X said, “Any trained mental health professional will know that observed fatigue suggests the boy is bearing a heavy load of stress and depression.”

The psychiatrist also told the media that the boy had drawn a picture of his father standing on a mountain looking down at him. The psychiatrist said that showed the boy looked up to his father as a protector.

Dr. X said, “That is such a simplistic statement that it is difficult to believe it was said by one trained in clinical psychology! What that drawing means to me is that the boy sees his father as a very powerful authority who can be a very threatening figure instead of a protector. He might be afraid of the man on the mountain. It is not a joyful kind of drawing.” “I know that Elian was feeling secure and happy in his Miami home with his nurturing family.”

Dr. X told the writer, “When the boy was with the Miami family of Lazaro Gonzalez, the whole world could observe him almost every day. Elian also was getting help from a professional psychologist, I understand. There’s another bond that the Castro-Clinton alliance has broken.

“It also was obvious to anyone seeing Elian’s smile and his visible tenacity in keeping his cousin Marisleysis close to him that he had bonded strongly with her. That bonding began when she found him in a hospital bed a few hours after his dramatic rescue by a Miami man while fishing. According to media and family reports reaching me through others close to the family, the boy looked up into her smiling face, grasped her hand and said, ‘Don’t leave me.’ Marisleysis promised him she would never leave him.

“The idea, proclaimed by some leftist mental-health ‘experts’ that there was something untoward or unhealthy about the intensity of Elian’s love for Marisleysis and her love for him is one of the most outrageous ideas the American people have heard since the death of two of this centuries threemasters of deceit - Stalin and Hitler. The third master, who seems to have blackmailed our commander-in-chief in some unfathomed way, is the Cuban dictator."

The Miami psychologist said the fact that “the Castro regime is using U.S. employees to keep Elian hidden from the U.S. public or media is extremely ominous. What are they hiding under the guise of ‘letting him and his father have some quiet time?’”

Dr. X said she has heard that some of Castro’s “thugs from his office in Washington, DC, are at the Wye Estate in Maryland where they can help terrorize little Elian. I hope that is not true but do not doubt any such scheme on the part of the Castro-Clinton-Reno team.”

She said she could not understand how his father, even though he is an avowed communist, could possibly authorize a “U.S. SWAT team to break into a home and kidnap his own son!” She said, “That action was cowardly devoid of any real love for the boy. Now Castro, acting through President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno has successfully deprived this poor child of his surrogate mother; it may be impossible for the boy to recover from that tremendous blow so soon after the loss of his real mother, Elizabeth Brotons, without years of therapy.”

Dr. X said, “I’m sure most professional psychologists will agree that the boy was getting informal therapy daily from Marisleysis and his uncles. With very little training, Marisleysis was giving him unconditional love and slowly helping him overcome the unequaled trauma of seeing his mother disappear in a dark and shark-infested ocean.

“Marileysis was helping him learn that his mother was gone to a gentle heaven and that in her absence, Elian could count on Marisleysis to protect him. She promised him she would always be available for him. What kind of demons are those Cuban communists who certainly now are telling him that the one he called ‘Mama Marisleysis’ is an evil kidnapper who held him prisoner for months?”

She asked, “Can you imagine this child’s terror at being snatched in the dark on the Saturday before Easter from the arms of his good friend, the man who had fished him out of the Atlantic and carried him tenderly to a hospital? I’m sure his government captors tried to assure Elian on the long lonely trip they sent him on to Washington, DC, that his Miami family had not been hurt.

“Why wouldn’t Castro at least let the man free to meet the boy when he boarded the airplane in Miami. Is Castro that afraid that Juan Miguel would defect? Meanwhile, can anyone expect Elian to believe that his Miami family is okay when he is denied even the chance to talk on the phone with them?

Dr. X said one indication that the government agents who “captured Elian from his Miami family may have tranquilized him on the plane trip to Maryland was his collapsing into the arms of his father. And one of the boy’s arms showed a small bandage of the type used after an injection.

“I gather that President Clinton cares only that the public opinion polls say a majority approved his seizure of the boy – and that the public knows almost nothing about the case. I believe that General Reno has not the slightest idea of the importance of mother love to a child. But I fail to understand why the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association have not spoken up about the isolation of this boy. He is being kept from view of media, some of whom might be neutral representatives of the American people.

“The photos of him that have been released to the public show many smiles. What does a six-year-old do when somebody tells him, ‘smile and say cheese?’ But those smiles do look a bit unnatural, perhaps even forced. I believe this child is being psychologically tortured by being forbidden to learn by phone first-hand that his surrogate mother and loving uncle are still alive and still love him. He may be so cowed that he does not even ask about them any more. “He may blame himself and become deeply ill with depression over the gestapo-like attack on his Miami home. Yes, that was his HOME, where he expressed virtually no fear except that his father would take him back to Cuba. How many times did he tell his Mama Marisleysis that he did not want to be sent back to Cuba? And how many times did Fidel Castro call her a crybaby for weeping over her fears that she could not save the child from Castro, who is exercising his paternal authority over Elian even now?”

NEWSWEEK magazine’s “medical columnist Ian K. Smith, M.D.” in the May 1 edition correctly asked, “Have we forgotten the child?…there is legitimate concern about the effect the forced removal at the end of a 9-mm MP5 submachine gun will have on his psychological well being.

“Not even the most precocious 6-year-old could leave a home full of family and friends, watch his mother swallowed by an ocean and then be pulled again from family without suffering mental anguish.”

Dr. X said Dr. Smith “very correctly said that finding the answers to how much Elian has suffered ‘may be complicated by the delayed reaction commonly experienced after a stressful event. In many cases it takes years before the psychological scars become evident.’ This problem is compounded when the boy is surrounded by strangers, a stepmother whose first duty is to her little baby son and a father who allegedly abused him In the past. We don’t know whether those allegations are true but no stone should be left unturned by those wanting to know the truth.”

The Miami psychologist questioned Dr. Smith’s knowledge when he wrote that “a reunion with his father means a return to a bond that Elian has known for the better part of his six years.” She said, “That may or may not be true. At least one eye-witness who was close to Elian’s father and mother beginning in 1995, the year Elian was born, swore that Elian’s father was of a “violent nature” and separated about December 1995, the year Elian was born. He said Juan Miguel was “not involved in the day-to-day care of Elian” as Juan Miguel maintains. He said the father worked away from Elian’s home town of Cardenas, spending 14 to 15 hours daily in Varadero, away from Cardenas.

The retired Miami clinician, those specialty was testing, told the writer, “I challenge any group of U.S. professionals not on the U.S. government payroll to seek the true facts about the relationship between the boy and his father and not depend on the mercenaries in this case such as Gregory Craig, the legal representative of Castro.


George Morgan

Independent U.S. Journalist, for the WASHINGTON INQUIRER


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