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IGC / APC - Castro's electronic fellow travelers

For about a year now, and during my frequent research forays into the hypocritical world of the "Castro Fan Club", I have noticed a pattern. It seems that many of the web sites which are of a "progressive" nature, or which pertain to communist Cuba, (There are actually many.) have these letters (igc) or (apc) either on their web sites, in the form of a banner, as an internet address, or even in their e mail's. Now, although I love to laugh at a good conspiracy theory some times, and while I wouldn't want to assume some sinister cabal at work here (everyday now I am thinking otherwise), there seems to be something fishy going on at IGC & APC. It is quiet apparent that the American and international left will go to great lengths to help and extend communist Cuba's reign of power. After all, Cuba is one of the last and closest entities that the American left can call its own. Besides, Vietnam and China are too far away, and North Korea - well, nobody wants to associate itself with North Korea anyway.

So who or what is IGC and APC?

IGC is the U.S. member of the Association for Progressive Communications, a global partnership of computer networks that claim to link activists around the world. APC describes itself as:

"The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is the world's most extensive network of Internet providers dedicated to serving non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and citizen activists..Today we are a non-profit association of 25 member networks working together to provide online organising and collaboration tools and skills for civil society. APC goes beyond the hardware and software to support the people and organisations working together worldwide for social, environmental and economic justice."

I began to wonder what this "igc" stood for when I received a letter from a friendly organization urging me and others to protest a certain action by the Cuban dictatorship. On the e-mail I received there was the electronic address to the Cuban Interests Section in Washington D.C. The Cuban Interests Section if you did not know is the closest thing the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro has to an embassy in the United States. It is also, (as is the infamous Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York City); the apex of all undercover activities carried out by Cuban infiltrators in the United States. These activities can range from Cuban "diplomats" moonlighting as spies, or anti American, anti embargo, propagandists sent out to spread the gospel of Cuban "social justice" and misinformation at places as varied as colleges, peace movements, or the Afro American churches in Harlem.

On the paragraph designated for the Cuban Interest Section, the e-mail address given was I found this a bit strange, that an important entity of the Cuban dictatorship would have its e mail hosted by an American company specializing in allegedly helping peace and humanitarian organizations get a foot hold on the web. With further research I located the "Interest Section's" closest thing to a web page at, which was nothing more then a propaganda outlet for events which the Cuban dictatorship deemed important.

I then started to put two and two together, and a very disturbing pattern started to emerge.

IGC, stands for "Institute for Global Communications". These are a few ways which IGC describes itself:

"to expand and inspire movements for peace, economic and social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability around the world by providing and developing accessible computer networking tools."

"Connecting the people who are changing the world."

"The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations."

"Through PeaceNetT, take action for positive social change in the areas of peace, social and economic justice, human rights and the struggle against racism."

I don't know about you, but. Working towards freeing convicted police killer Mumia Abu Jammal, gathering support to kick the Vatican City out of the United Nations, or pro-choice concerns are not my idea of social justice or peace issues. By the way, these are some of the "progressive" causes, which are also conducted by IGC.

Upon reading these statements I decided to do an informal investigation and to see what I could come up with regarding the "IGC - Cuban connection". Oddly enough most of the sites I found where not listed in the IGC directory or search engines. I guess they did not want anyone to know that they where sponsoring them on the Internet. Instead, I had to hunt for them bit by bit from the web - a time consuming process.

As an aside I just want to add that IGC is no stranger to controversy. In 1997 it was inundated with protests in response to a site that the service hosts, called the Euskal Herria Journal, which advocates "self-determination" for French and Spanish Basques. In other words, the site was a clearing house for the dogmas of the Basques terrorist group known as ETA, who is well known to be supported by Castro and have training camps in revolutionary Cuba.

At first, Spanish protestors sent letters of indignation, accusing the EHJ and IGC of supporting terrorists, but beginning later that weekend, protesters turned from mere words to attacks with bits and bytes, intended to at least slow down, if not shut down, IGC. It is said that the protestors shut down IGC temporarily. This was in response to the hypocritical policies of IGC, who while claiming to be interested in human rights, ended up hosting the site of known terrorist and human rights abusers. (Like it has done with sites related to the Cuban communist dictatorship and it's supporters.) Not only do the Basque terrorist want to break up the Spanish Union, but they have also caused a great amount of misery and bloodshed due to their actions. I think we should learn a lessons from our Spanish cousins, and seriously think about doing something similar to protest IGC / APC's blatantly Castro friendly attitude.

Although IGC has been at it since 1986, and it's no secret that they have helped Cuban communism get a foothold on the web, many Cuban Americans still don't know of its existence. This is unfortunate, because as activists in the fight for Cuban freedom, we must be aware of all groups and elements, which are used by the dictatorship in spreading their propaganda. Lets face it - the Internet is the single most important medium we (and the pro Castro forces) have in getting our story out, and long gone are the days of starry eyed communist radicals handing out leaflets, or shouting slogans from a soap box. I guess John Lennon was right when he wrote:

"If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow."

So this time, instead of being archaic humdrum revolutionaries like a Che or a Ho, the way radical left has evolved into another realm - high tech.

Upon closer examination IGC hosts up to forty sites relating to communist Cuba. It's even been speculated that IGC or APC might host more communist Cuban sites - the only difference being that the actual sites have not chosen to display IGC or APC on their web addresses or e-mails. The amount of IGC-APC e-mail accounts which are supplied to pro Castro groups is so numerous that I gave up counting. IGC also offers these groups e-mail services. But please be aware, these e-mails are not from your run of the mill e-mail services like Juno, Mailcity, or Hot Mail. What we have here is a conglomeration of pro Castro groups being assisted by a single entity dedicated to helping them communicate more efficiently. And at a relatively low cost, if not free! In a way, that unfortunately puts the anti Castro, Cuban pro democracy groups at a great disadvantage, being that we don't have a unifying institution like IGC or APC who takes care of our Internet and e-mail needs.

APC and IGC even hosts, or are in partnership with Cuban government entities like: Amistur (Cuba's own travel service for sympathetic foreigners) or Ceniai (Communist Cuba's Internet service).

It's also very apparent that IGC or APC is not your typical internet service like the one which hosts the pro democracy "Cuban American Democracy Project - NYC" (CADP-NYC's hosting company, like the other services which host anti Castro web sites, are mostly commercial ventures featuring a cornucopia of services and differing viewpoints. Nor is IGC or APC like the free web hosting companies (Tripod, Xoom, Geocities, Homestead) which give amateurs, enthusiasts, those with little funds, or people starting out on the Internet, a place to do their thing. It is very visible from the onset that IGC has an agenda to fulfill - and it's definitely trying to manifest a master plan for communist Cuba.

There should be some concern when a pro Castro group like "Pastors for Peace", (who is clearly a communist front disguised as a humanitarian religious organization) uses the same Internet and e-mail service as the Cuban Interests Section in Washington.

It's also very odd that IGC tries to peddle the notion of being a non profit company dedicated to give human rights and social justice activists a place to call home. But the Cuban communist government is far from anything related to human rights or social justice. Instead it is well known that the Cuban dictatorship is only interested in fostering systematic control over its people while using the outdated tenants of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin to achieve its sick and selfish goals. There is no democracy, social justice, and human rights in a regime that has violated these very same principles for 40 years.

The only thing IGC or APC is really doing is helping the Castro dictatorship get its word out. It doesn't take a genius or rocket scientist to see this. One hundred percent of the IGC Cuba sites are of a communist Castro biased worldview.

Right now IGC is "providing and developing accessible computer networking tools." (To steal a quote from the IGC web site.) for entities like the Cuban government, so they can ascend to the next level of propaganda and repression. The only difference here is that they are now doing it electronically. Not to say that the other forms of communist infiltration and verbiage have gone the way of Pol Pot, or Angela Davis' Afro, instead pro Castro propaganda has just taken a new form.

While researching this subject, I must have sent IGC / APC about three e-mails asking for information on their service and its Cuba web sites. As it can be expected, I have not received one reply. Calling them was very difficult also, and I do not take kindly to an answering machine.

Be aware that communist Cuba's presence on the web is very well funded and organized.

Below you will find almost all the web pages and e - mail addresses which pertain to communist Cuban sites hosted by IGC or APC. They are all members of igc or apc.

This is not meant to be an advertisement, nor is it fully complete, but instead it's to be used as an indicator into who is helping the Castro regime on the Internet. Please look below and notice all the APC & IPC on the web addresses and e-mails. Coincidence? We don't think so.

I have added comments to some of the listings below. My Italics.

*IFCO - Pastors for Peace:
Phone: (212) 926-5757
Fax: (212) 926-5842

Need we say anymore? I think we all know about these people by now. Just think of the "Pastors" as Castro's welfare agency in the inner American city. Masters of double standard. *Cuba Solidarity Network:
Voice mail: (510) 273-9199
index.htmlProject USA/Cuba-InfoMed
P.O. Box 450, Santa Clara, CA 95052
Phone: (408) 243-4359
Email to Dave Wald:
Dr. Juan Reardon: Phone: (510) 926-0917
Email to Juan Reardon:
Email to Dana Simon:
Web Site:

Havana's clearinghouse outside of Cuba for all things related to ending the mebargo and giving medical supplies to the communists. *Suites OLIMPIA
Calle 96 # 535
Between 5ta F & 7ma
Miramar, Habana

Dollar only mini hotel for fellow travelers and communists visiting Cuba. Run by the Perez family in conjunction with the Cuban government. *Center for Cuban Studies
124 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-242-0559 / Fax: 212-242-1937

New York's own voice for the Castro dictatorship. *Global Exchange:
Phone: (415) 255-7296
Global Exchange's Web Site

The one and only! Dedicated to spreading propaganda about communist Cuba, working to end the embargo, and conducting "reality" tours to "communist theme parks around the world" - Cuba being the main one. A very hypocritical organization. Pacifica Radio Network

The American left's radio network. Prime sponsor of the Cuban revolution for 40 years. Partners with IGC in creating their web site. Home to Democracy Now's "Cuba Conversations" - by host Amy Goodman.

*International Feminist Brigade to Cuba of
The Revolutionary Feminist Liberation Party & Freedom Socialist Party

A group of angry reverse discrimination "feminists" based in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Although this group claims to be for "Universal Human Rights" they sure forgot about the lack of human rights in Cuba. Their web page starts of like this: "Imagine a country where the literacy rate is almost 100 percent, universities are free, and guaranteed healthcare is universal. Well, that country is Cuba." Ok gals, whatever you say. *Trans Africa Forum

Racist African American think tank which is heavily involved with communist Cuba. Looks the other way to communist abuses on the island. The Forum went to visit Castro this year and blamed all of Cuba's troubles on the embargo. They want you to believe that Cubans all have African blood as stated by American Actor and member Danny Glover. Read their most biased report on the embargo:

*Premaculture in Cuba

*Latin American Solidarity in Australia
Solidarity with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina

*Cuba Solidarity Coalition
GPO Box 5421CC
Melbourne 3001

*CISLAC - Committees In Solidarity with Cuba
Australian Aid programs in Cuba

*APC Cuban newsgroups

cea.cubamundo - lots of articles and writings posted in Spanish directly from Cuba - art, politics, culture, economics.

*NY Transfer News Service

In partnership with Radio Havana. Communist Cuba's propaganda voice in the New York Area. Also distributes new for the Cuban Interests Section.


This agency is unique in that it was one of the first to use "tourism" as a propaganda element to brainwash ignorant travelers venturing to Cuba.

*US-CUBA Sister Cities

*National Network on Cuba

P.O. Box 225303, San Francisco, Ca 94122
Phone/Fax: 415-566 8560

*InfoMed, Cuba's Medical Network
What it says - Castro's medical monopoly.

US+CUBA Medical Project

One Union Square West, Suite 211 New York, NY 10003
Blames breast cancer in Cuban women on the embargo

*Cuban Interest Section (News Direct from Cuba)

"Not news but pure propaganda directly from Havana."
Cuban Interests Section
2630 16th . St., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20009
Phones: (202)797-8518/8519/8520
Fax: (202)797-8521

*The Venceremos Brigade

Non Cuban communists, or those sympathetic to the revolution who travel to the island to help Castro's institutions stay afloat. We don't even want to speculate what they do in Cuba apart from cutting sugar cane.

P.O. Box 7071, Oakland, CA 94601

*IGC's PeaceNet Cuba Gopher PeaceNet Cuba Gopher

PeaceNet's Cuba program, e-mail to

Computer Communications with Cuba from Canada.

Some of the Cuban dictatorship's programs: which are featured with the Cuba Gopher: On-Line: Institute for the Study of the World Economy, Cuban Peace Movement, Radio Havana Cuba, University of Havana, Institute for Study of Consumer Demand, AIDS Information Center, Juventud Rebelde, Center for the Study of the United States, Granma International What we don't understand is why the word "peace" is used.

*Cuba AIDS Project

465 SW 62nd court
Miami Florida 33144
Phone (305) 531-3973

Does this have to do with the concentration camp like hospitals Cuban AIDS patients are housed in? *LACASA
July 26th Coalition & Latin America & Caribbean Solidarity Association on the World Wide Web

*Cuba Poster Project

co-director Lincoln Cushing at:

The Cuba Poster Project (CPP) is dedicated to documenting and disseminating the poster art of revolutionary Cuba. And is doing work for Editora Politica (the publishing department of the Cuban Communist Party

*The Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, Inc. Alleged Cuban American organization dedicated to fostering democracy in Cuba by having dialog with the communists. Yeah right,who are they trying to fool? This is a front organization created by the Cuban dictatorship to further confuse. Their links section is full of pro communist Cuban web sites - or site within Cuba. No pro democracy sites here!

*US-Cuba Friendship Society of San Diego

Phone: (619) 582-8288
*American Friends Services Committee
Phone: (619) 233-4114
Mary Tong

*U.S. Cuba Friendshipment/Bay Area

3181 Mission Street, #14, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (510) 869-2577

*Send a Piana To Havana

Benjamin Treuhaft
Underwater Piano Shop
2005 Stuart St.
Berkeley, Calif. 94703
(510) 843-3823
Web page:

Actual organization that is pro Castro and sends pianos to communist Cuba. Yeah ok, like communist Cuba really needs all those pianos...

*Peace for Cuba Appeal

-- San Francisco / East Bay Area
Phone: (415) 821-7575

*Peace for Cuba Appeal

-- South Bay Area

*Connecticut Coalition on Cuba

c/o James Van Pelt
39 Goodrich St., Hamden, CT 06515
Phone (203) 624-3559 or (203) 624-0122
Fax (203) 624-2153

*July 26 Coalition (Boston)

A Committee of LACASA
1151 Mass. Ave., Boston, MA 02138
Phones: (617)395-0656 or (617) 395-0506 (July 26 Coal.)
(617) 492-8699 LACASA
Fax: (617)547-4959
Web Site:

*Pioneer Valley Coalition to Lift the Cuban Embargo

Amy Rosebury
31 Jeffrey Lane, Amherst, MA 01002
Phone: (413) 253-9751

*Cuban-American National Alliance

Phone: (505) 341-2091

Another "Cuban American" organization devoted to dialog with the communist dictatorship. This is a front organization.

*South Africa Friends of Cuba Society AGM

Contact: Noel Stott

*InfoMed USA-D.C.

Web Page:
Contact: Bertram Stiller
1870 Wyoming Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20009
Tel: (202) 667-3730

*Milwaukee Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba

606 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1706, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 273-1040 * Fax: (414) 273-4859


PO Box 632, Halifax Central Halifax, N.S. B3J 2T2 Canada
Fax: 902-422-4586
E-mail: Responsable: Sherry Cline E-mail:


TriContinental La voz impresa del Tercer Mundo TRIcontinental es una publicación editada por la Organización de Solidaridad de los Pueblos de Africa, Asia y América Latina (OSPAAAL)
Havana Cuba Propaganda magazine

Cuadernos África, América Latina

Cuban publishing house for communist propaganda

Workers World Party
Defend Socialist Cuba page

"reg.cuba"-- A Cuba Solidarity - focused newsgroup/conference
IGC's & APC'S own communist Cuban news group

For the record, APC is also partners in communist Cuba with:

Tinored (Red Tinored de Joven Clubs de Computación )

Palacio Central de Computacion y Electronica, Calle Reina No.2 esq Amistad, La Habana, CP 10200 Cuba Tel: 63-3349 / 61-7555

E-mail: TINORED, has nearly 500 subscribers, usually consisting of various government ministries (like Cuba's Foreign Ministry ( and Radio Havana Cuba at TINORED also hosts a sizable number of short wave radio hobbyists turned computer enthusiasts, like Lázaro Echevarría (, as well as institutions and individuals involved in the social sciences, culture, mass media, health, education, the environment, and social justice.

Ceniai (Communist Cuba's internet service)

(Center for the Automated Exchange of Information) to exchange "scientific information" with other countries through its Internet connection in Canada.
Capitolio Nacional, Prado y San Jose, Aptdo.2069 La Habana 10200, Cuba
Tel: 62-6565 / 62-0757 Fax: 537338237 E-mail:


DavidNet organization. DavidNet (RedDavid en español) is a collection of Cubans and foreigners who use a particular computer network for Email communication. Controlled by the Cuban government. These entities are not exactly organizations of activists like non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or citizen activist groups, but instead they are organs of the communist party in Cuba. Please remember that the communist government in Cuba controls all forms of data, and communication.


Mario Luis Ramirez


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